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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where do I get my coupons?

I have had a few people ask where I get my coupons since we do not have a newspaper subscription.

Good question! Most of them are printed from online sites (like, smartsource, redplum & manufacture websites).

Although I get a larger quantity of coupons online, the HIGHEST VALUE coupons come inside SAMPLES I sign up for. Walmart's website is probably the best site for samples and almost all of them come with high value coupons ($1 or more). Their site is the most user-friendly too, meaning you don't even have to give them your e-mail address if you don't want to. I sign up for quite a few online samples, but I am careful and NEVER give out my real birthday and I would recommend setting up a special e-mail account just for samples because some of them require you to receive monthly newsletters etc... and this will keep you from junking up your regular account.

I do get samples from all sorts of random places, but the best spots to check regularly are:

WalMart's sample site

Spoofee (an online freebie forum - thank-you Kerstan :)

and All You - a magazine website that loves freebies

All You magazine itself is also full of high value coupons, but again, I do not have a subscription myself.

Since you might go and check these sites, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for the Secret Clinical Strength sample on WalMart's website. That is THE BEST deodorant I have ever used and am so excited to get another free one! Good samples like that one often only last a day or two and then they're gone. Another tip for WalMart's samples: once you receive a sample in the mail you are out of their system and can sign up for it again as long as it is still available, or becomes available again.

Besides, samples make getting the mail WAY more fun :0) I probably receive samples on average 2-3 days a week.

Lastly, I will occasionally buy a newspaper if I hear there are going to be 3 inserts in it - like May 2nd had the high value coupons from a P&G insert, plus 2 other inserts, so I did buy a paper that day. And it has paid off big-time!! But that's it!

Hope you find something fun to sign up for today :0)

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