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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

E-mail notices for The Farmer's Wife

Well I FINALLY figured out how to let people "subscribe" to this blog -- meaning you can get an e-mail after I post something which is usually more convenient than remembering to check through the day. Check along the right side of the blog under the "about me" section and there should be a place to click on that says "subscribe".

Sorry about the delay with this. I am really not very computer savvy and there are more learning curves to a blog than I thought. So strange how my job and main hobby both are on the Internet, but if something doesn't go just right i have NO CLUE how to fix it! That is where I am so thankful to have two very capable brother-in-laws nearby who are very computer-savvy.

Also, I put up a permanent link to Swagbucks on the side-bar. Hopefully soon I will also get links to the coupon-printing websites over there. May as well make use of the space if it's there, right??

I have been working on my "price book", but noticed that the items on there are things that I buy. Duh. I would be happy to include items your family buys, if different than mine, but you'll have to let me know what you're looking for. Also, if I know what you like to buy I can let you know when there is a good sale or deal on those items. You can either comment on any post (I am still learning about those too) or you can e-mail me at

1 comment:

  1. See - you're more internet savvy than you think, you figured out subscribing without any of my help :). Like the swagbucks sign-up image :).