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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday -- oops!

OK, I totally blew it. I forgot I even had a blog for the last week! And to think I left you all hanging on the biggest shopping day of the year too! Well, my one consolation to myslef is that I have tried to focus on groceries with this blog. As I'm sure you've noticed, I don't talk about other sale items. I figure groceries are one thing in life we NEED -- the others are "wants" and I don't want to tell you how to spend your money there. We just all try to be good stewards with all we're given while trying to let our families feel special at this time of year too. And that is TRICKY! At least I think it is. I love seeing my kids smile and enjoy gifts throughout the year, but it's hard knowing I'm spending money on more toys (and things of the like) rather than paying down mortgages or giving the money away.

"Black Friday" has usually been the day where I buy gifts for our kids to last almost every special event through the year. This year Nathan and I were going to buy a second laptop too (for the farm). So we hit WalMart then came home.

So since I missed telling you all the good deals out there, let me just say this -- Between now and the end of January is a really good time to buy basically all the "extra" kid stuff for the year. The sales are great before AND after Christmas. I always buy wrapping paper after Christmas for the next year too. Why pay full price when you can get it 50-75% off??

So sad as it may be, that's the only shopping advice I have for you here. I'll continue to post the free or nearly free grocery deals I find -- or let you know when I am going grocery shopping. I actually have not bought groceries since last week (except 1 gallon of milk).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FREE Toll House Cookie Dough

Surely by now you know my favorite price for anything is FREE --
So if you head to Bloomington for your free veggies tomorrow (or until next Wed.) make sure you stop by Target to get your free cookie dough. Here's what to do:

Transaction #1:

Buy 1 package of Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough at $1.96
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Spend $0.96 plus tax out of pocket, Get back a Target coupon good for $1 off your next purchase of cookie dough

Transaction #2:

Buy 1 Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough at $1.96
Use $1/1 printable coupon
Stack with $1/1 Target catalina coupon received on your previous order
Spend $0.00 out of pocket, Get another $1/1 Target Nestle Cookie Dough coupon

Repeat until you’ve stocked up (transaction details compliments of

I love being ablel to combine shopping trips -- makes the gas $$ better spent!! Enjoy your cookies :)
ps - these freeze really well -- last time I bought premade cookie dough was the first time I ever have, it was 0.25/each so I bought 8-10 and froze them. I still have one in the freezer and they have all come out fine so far. Just FYI.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jewel Deals 11/18-25

Jewel is having a savings event similar to Krogers this week (buy 10 items, get $5 off) but the Jewel sale includes FREE GREEN GIANT VEGGIES!

Sale price after instant savings is 0.50, but use the 0.50 coupon HERE to get them free. This is the same link I posted last time, so if you already printed yours, you'll have to find a new computer to print from. My print limit is already reached so it's time to get creative :)

Other good deals are: (price listed after savings)
Ragu pasta sauce - 0.99
Blue Bonnet - 0.49
Ritz crackers - $1.99

That's all I see worth buying, but if you're heading to Bloomington, make sure you grab your free veggies!
Couponingfor4 has a complete list of Jewel's sales this week so head on over to her if you want to see more. These are just the items that I think are a price worth paying.

Friday, November 12, 2010

KROGER 11/11-17

Krogers has a decent Mega event this week too (same as last week)
I went yesterday and got quite a few groceries to re-stock after our flu. I LOVE being stocked with groceries for times like that -- we already had Gatorade, soup, jell-o & crackers on hand that I bought for rock-bottom prices.
Kroger this week has Gatorade for 0.49 after the Mega 10 discount.
Annie's mac & cheese (organic, and VERY good) - $0.49
Quaker oatmeal - $2.19 (i had the $2 Q left from a while back - so used those making it 0.19)
Quaker granola bars - $1.49 (great deal if you have any 0.50 q's to double! - I had one)
Jell-O (lg boxes) - 0.79 each

Not part of the mega event:
Bananas 0.39/lb
I stocked up on boxes of Chex for $1 - used a rain check I got 2 weeks ago + coupons.
Pillsbury sweet rolls are 2/$3 but you get $1 CAT when you buy 4. I had $1/2 coupons so they ended up being 0.50 each after coupons & CAT. We love to have these Sunday mornings for a special treat :0)

Jenno-O TURKEYS are 0.59/lb. I do not claim to be a turkey-pricing expert, but this seems like an excellent price to me. In fact, I bought 3 turkeys yesterday! We are hoping to have Nathan's cousins for a family Thanksgiving, one to make for my small family and then the third for a family retreat next summer (the turkeys don't "expire" until the end of next summer & I plan to be prepared!!)
Last year WalMart did have turkeys for ).50-60/lb but there were not very many and no substitutes. I recommend hitting up Kroger for yours as they even substituted another brand for me when I didn't see the size of Jennie-O turkey I wanted. I do love their customer service!

I think that's it for now! Hope your family stays well this holiday season!

IGA almost over

I have utterly failed you this week! My family had the puke-flu for about 8 days (one at a time we fell like dominoes -- except Anna & I) so I did NO shopping during that time & a LOT of laundry.

Well, if you checked IGA's add, obviously the front page is FULL OF GOOD DEALS this week! This is so rare for IGA I hope you all got in on the sales. I went Tuesday and they were already out of the powdered sugar and brown sugar. :( I'll check back tomorrow.

Anyway, basically all of the front page prices are really good -- and I would stock up (except the sugar -- I did buy one b/c it's a good price, but I prefer 0.99 for stocking up).

There are coupons for the $1/2 Nestle chocolate chips and $0.50/2 evaporated milk making them an even better price. If you do not have an IGA near you, remember WalMart matches any price (they are 2/$3)

Sorry there are only 2 days left on this one - i'm sure you all noticed the good prices, but may not have known about the coupons.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Folgers Sample

If you know Nathan & I -- you know we love our coffee! I am kind of a coffee snob and much prefer flavored coffee, but Nathan likes plain old Folgers or Maxwell House.

Go to Folger's Facebook page to request your FREE SAMPLE of their Special Roast.

It is so fun getting freebies in the mail!! And they often come with high $$ coupons too.

CVS 10/31-11/06

I found this post at commonsensewithmoney this morning:
This week you can get two free Oral B Battery operated toothbrushes at CVS with the following deal:

Buy two Oral-B Stages Power Toothbrush $4.99 each
Use two $3/1 Oral-B Battery Toothbrush 10/31/2010 P&G Insert (exp 11/30/2010)
Pay: $3.98 out of pocket and get back $4 Extra Care Bucks

What kid wouldn't LOVE to see a pooh, Cinderella or tigger toothbrush in their stocking? especially if it's BATTERY POWERED! maybe my kids are easily tickled, but trust me I need to find a way to get 3 of these, not just 2, or there will be fighting.

Also, Toy Story 3 DVD $19.99 Spend $25 in Select P&G Products get $16 off
I am not sure the best way to go about this, but there has to be something good here. For $28 (less any coupons you have) you get the Toy Story 3 movie and $25 of P&G products (T.P., batteries, Puffs, etc..) The only bummer I see here is that no ECBs are involved. So if you spend ECBs to do this deal, there's no turn-around.

Not much else at CVS this week unless you are a diabetic.

IGA 10/31-11/06

Here are a few deals at IGA this week (I am paying more attn to their ads now that I have my "beef coupon" -- looking for a sale to match).

$0.99 shredded or chunk cheese (my buy now price - except i still have a ton from the summer kraft sales)
$0.69 Bush's beans -- not as cheap as WalMart brand, but a good price for Bush's
$0.79 oyster crackers
$0.49 Banquet pot pies or fruit pies - 0.35/1 fruit pie q in a lot of SS inserts lately. Might be worth trying for $0.14!
3/$0.99 IGA chili seasoning pks
$1.99 IGA veg. oil (i usually buy if less than $2)

Then this weekend is another 3-day meat sale:
Really almost all of these are decent to good meat prices.
$1.88/lb ground beef - I was hoping for a smaller quantity sale to use my beef q's, but i'll have to check this out & see what the price breakdown is buying in bulk.
$1.99/lb boneless pork loin (I prefer closer to $1.69, but when you're out $1.99 is pretty good!)
Both steak prices are fair.
$2.49/lb slab bacon - that's a GREAT price for bacon, but I have been disappointed in the quality of this bacon in the past. Maybe it's through a different packer and will be better?

That's it for this week.
Happy sale hunting!