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Monday, May 3, 2010

IGA May 2-8

Here are my thoughts on the IGA this week:

there is a 3-day sale this coming weekend with a few decent deals. we do not buy charcoal (have a gas grill) but if you are going to buy the $9.99 Kingsford charcoal print out this coupon to also get a free glad product (i LOVE the free stuff!) :0)

If you are not picky about your laundry detergent, $1.49 for the Xtra liquid is a great price.

$1.69 boneless pork loin is also a great price (even being a hog farmer with our own meat, we buy it at this price!!) **NOTE FROM NATHAN: pork cannot even be produced for $1.69/lb which is why we buy at this price - it freezes great and can be made into butterfly chops or smaller roasts later. I have seen it for $1.49/lb, but not often enough to wait for it. If you like boneless pork loin, now is the time to buy it.

2/$4 milk - obviously a great price these days

$1.98 prarie farms 1/2 gallon - use 0.75 coupon from last weekends insert makes for some cheap ice cream! Even w/o the coupon it is a decent price (I like $4/gal or less)

Other sale items for this week:

$1.19 prarie farms sour cream or dip - only if you have .30 coupon from last week

kind of sad, but that is all I see for this week.

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