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Monday, May 16, 2011

Kroger Mega Event 05/12-18

Just a reminder that Kroger has the same Mega event this week that they had last week. So if you didn't get the free pasta, chips or cheap cereal you still have a couple more days.

This post is to let you know there is one more really good deal out there:

Oscar Mayer Lunchables (with fruit, w/o drink) are $1.99 with the mega event, but there is a $1/1 coupon on right now AND if you buy 4 in one transaction you get a $3 CAT to use on your next purchase. That makes these about $0.25 each. GREAT deal for a full size lunchable WITH a cup of fruit!

My girls have an all school picnic coming up next week and everything they take has to be disposable so I am thrilled to send them with one of these.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Deal @ CVS

This week CVS has Neutrogena Suncare items on sale starting at $7.99, but when you buy 2 you get $10 ECB back.
Use two $2/1 coupons found HERE to get these for $0.99/each.

This deal could get even better if you get a $3 off $10 healthcare items purchase printed off at the red machine across from the door. Then you would even get paid a little to take them :)

Remember if they are out of stock at your store to ask for a rain check! They never expire and you still get your ECBs. My favorite Neutrogena item is the sunscreen stick - especially great for babies faces!! They have an oil-free one for adult faces too. I LOVE them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kroger Mega Event 05/5-11

Hey guys, I wanted to make sure you all knew of some really good deals at Kroger this week (starting Thursday 05/05 through next Wed.). And this time I am even giving you plenty of time to get coupons printed and make it to the store before the sale is over! :)

I do not have time to type out all the deals and links, so I am directing you to my favorite Kroger match-up site. She has the full list (which can be overwhelming), so here are your focus items:

Ronzoni or Creamette pasta - on sale for 0.49, use $1/2 coupon to make them free
Organic Bounder Canyon potato chips - on sale for $1, use $1/1 coupon = free
Mom's Best Naturals cereal/oatmeal - sale for $1, use -0.75/1 coupon = 0.24

Just find these items on her list then print the coupons from her links. We LOVE having pasta around here so getting it for free is a real bonus. I use it to stretch chili (plus what kid doesn't love a little rotini in their soup?), make homemade mac-n-cheese and of course spaghetti and chili mac.
Good luck!!

p.s. - in case you haven't noticed, I am focusing primarily on free food and VERY cheap food for my blog posts. I wish I had more time to lay out all the deals, but I just don't right now. Don't forget to check my favorite bloggers for very extensive sale lists:
Those women do a fantastic job! I love being able to be a good steward with what God has given us and make a little income go a long way.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More FREE stuff . . .

Here are a few good freebies you can get this week at Meijer:

Green Giant boxed veggies are on sale for $1 - use $0.50 coupon (which will double) to get them free.
Totinos party pizzas - $1 sale - $0.50 coupon doubled
Powerade Water bottles - i forget the scenario, but FREE too
Bisquick - $1 sale, $0.50 coupon
Heluva Good dip (never bought it 'cause I don't like the name. i'm weird, i know) but it is free this week too.

I just don't have time to post all the coupon links etc... but I wanted you all to have the opportunity to go grab these freebies (especially the veggies!!!!) so below I have a link to a site called Savvy Spending, which is where I go for my Meijer match-ups. SHe has all the links for the coupons along with Meijer's other deals this week.
So go HERE: Meijer 4/3- 4/9 for the whole scoop.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Free O.M. Hot Dogs

Surely by now you know my favorite price for anything is free :) Sorry for the short notice, but right now at Meijer you can get Oscar Mayer Hardwood Smoked Turkey franks for FREE. These are different than the regular turkey dogs -- it's supposed to be a new premium line (kind of like the angus thing for the beef dogs). The price is 1.99/pk if you buy 7 (of a list of participating Kraft items) you get instant savings at the register of $7.00 PLUS there is a $1/1 "peelie" coupon on the pks of hardwood smoked turkey franks So actually Meijer will pay you $0.01 to take each pk. I just went yesterday and they did not have any in the cooler so I asked a guy in the meat department and he went in the back and brought out 14 pks for me. And all 14 had the peelie coupon. YAY! we should be set for hot dogs for a while now. I would recommend calling your store before heading out -- just in case they're out.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eBay Groupon Deal 03/29/11

I have come out of my blogging hibernation today so that hopefully some of you can get in on the eBay Groupon deal. Today you can get a $15 voucher to anything on eBay for just $7! You must have a valid eBay and Paypal account to purchase this. Limit of one per person. If you have a groupon account, all you have to do is sign in to purchase it. If not, go through my link to sign up and i'll get an extra credit on my acct. :) I love eBay - not much you can't find on there.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday -- oops!

OK, I totally blew it. I forgot I even had a blog for the last week! And to think I left you all hanging on the biggest shopping day of the year too! Well, my one consolation to myslef is that I have tried to focus on groceries with this blog. As I'm sure you've noticed, I don't talk about other sale items. I figure groceries are one thing in life we NEED -- the others are "wants" and I don't want to tell you how to spend your money there. We just all try to be good stewards with all we're given while trying to let our families feel special at this time of year too. And that is TRICKY! At least I think it is. I love seeing my kids smile and enjoy gifts throughout the year, but it's hard knowing I'm spending money on more toys (and things of the like) rather than paying down mortgages or giving the money away.

"Black Friday" has usually been the day where I buy gifts for our kids to last almost every special event through the year. This year Nathan and I were going to buy a second laptop too (for the farm). So we hit WalMart then came home.

So since I missed telling you all the good deals out there, let me just say this -- Between now and the end of January is a really good time to buy basically all the "extra" kid stuff for the year. The sales are great before AND after Christmas. I always buy wrapping paper after Christmas for the next year too. Why pay full price when you can get it 50-75% off??

So sad as it may be, that's the only shopping advice I have for you here. I'll continue to post the free or nearly free grocery deals I find -- or let you know when I am going grocery shopping. I actually have not bought groceries since last week (except 1 gallon of milk).