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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IGA 05/9-15

OK. I've been a bit slow on this week's IGA sales -- the CVS ones were just better!

There are a few things I would buy at IGA this week if I needed them:

1.29 - IGA vegetable blends - This is a REALLY good price for these veggies. We love California blend & Italian style veggies here so I will buy about 10 at this price. I should probably get more, but I can't remember how low they got last year.

0.99- IGA brand spaghetti sauce, salad dressing & ketchup (a decent price for any of them)

$1.99 butter - a good price to buy 2-3, but I wouldn't stock up.

0.79 - IGA marshmallows

0.99 - napkins

0.88 - white bread

3.99 - watermelon -- this TOTALLY depends on the size of the melon & i have not seen them yet.

1.69 - IGA seasoned french fries (great for french fry casserole!! - i will buy 1)

That's it for the IGA in my opinion this week -- fortunately there is some produce in there! It would be tough to get by on marshmallows, white bread & napkins for the week. :0)

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