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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I know I said I would not be posting anything else until next week, but Nathan is sleeping & we had a grocery store experience I wanted to share with you.

First of all, I ALWAYS watch my cashier ring up my items or at the very least I check every item on the receipt before I drive home -- and here is why:

We wanted to buy some bread, ham, cheese & eggs for a few breakfasts & lunch while here. Publix is the local grocery store near my parents place so we went there. They had some deli ham on sale BOGO (buy 1 get 1) priced at $5.39 so we grabbed two, the rest of our stuff and checked out. I was busy talking to the cashier and paid the total of $25 and grabbed our bags. Nathan stood there looking at the receipt and asked if the ham wasn't supposed to be BOGO because they both rang up at $5.39. Since we already paid we had to go to Customer Service, but the policy at Publix is if they ring something up wrong, you get it free. AND since the item was a BOGO, we got them BOTH FREE. She handed me $10.78 back so all of our groceries only ended up costing $15. just because Nathan was paying attention.

In our area, Kroger has the "scan right guarantee" meaning they will give the first item to you free and any identical items rung up wrong will be adjusted to the correct price -- still a fantastic deal and worth watching. Because of this, Kroger almost always rings up right, which is nice.

IGA almost ALWAYS rings up something wrong for me. Scandalous since it is always in their favor too. BUT, I do shop there since it is close-by, the cashiers are friendly enough and they will fix the incorrect item. You don't get it free with them, but they will give you the difference back. It saves time to catch it at the register before you pay, especially since it is usually less than $1, & my time is worth something too.

So, my lesson for this week is WATCH YOUR RECEIPTS! Sometimes you will be overpaying by a lot more than you think.

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