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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazing Amazon Diaper Deal

OK - you have my apologies here. I found this deal on Monday, but thought it was a one-day deal so did not post it. Turns out it ran all week and today is ACTUALLY the last day. OOPS. But after they found a few extra savings, the deal ended up being good enough I wanted to post it anyway.

Here's the breakdown: '
FIRST sign in to your amazon account, or create one
Go to Amazon's coupon page - refresh the page 2-3 times until a $2 pampers coupon shows up.
Order whatever size diaper you need (i chose size 1-2 for my example below)
Enter 20% off coupon codes from Parenting magazine AND Parenting - early years
Choose the Subscribe & Save option to get 30% off
Go to checkout and you should see your $2 discount, 30% off, 20% off and another 20% off if you had all the coupons. AND through subscribe & save your shipping is FREE too.
Place your order and once it arrives (or even after you get your confirmation e-mail that your order shipped) remember to go in to your Amazon account and cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription if you do not want the shipments to continue every month. Once the item ships, the price you paid is locked in so you can cancel any time after that.

Women are reporting purchasing their diapers for as little as 0.05-0.07 EACH. That is really a great price for diapers. Even if you only had one of the Parenting 20% off coupons it would still be worth looking in to.

252 count box 1-2 size diaper
Original price was 40.49 (16 cents/diaper)
30% off from S&S + $2 coupon = 10.5 cents/diaper
20% parenting code = 7 cents per diaper
2nd parenting code = 4-5 cents per diaper
approx $10.24 for 252 diapers shipped right to your door. can't hardly beat that!

p.s. - these 20% off codes in Parenting magazines are in the AUGUST addition and are an orange card that you tear out. If you go to the library or another public place, be sure to tear out the card because they are a one-time use code and it would be a bummer for another mom to think she got a valid code only to get home and it didn't work. And do not worry, it is PERFECTLY acceptable to tear out the card from the library or doctor's office or something. They are for public use.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Kroger Deals This Week

I don't usually do this, but the Kroger deals this week warranted a picture & breakdown (i thought so anyway). I love getting "useful" things with my coupons.

I saved over 90% from my bill and got:
14 Tombstone Pizzas @ $1.99 - (14)$2Q = FREE ($0.14 overage)
10 Dan-o-nino yogurt @ $1.79 - (10)$1Q - $1CAT(x5) = 0.29/each ($2.90)
25 Kraft Cheese @ $1.88 - (10)$1/2Q - $5CAT(x5) = 0.48/each ($12.00)
5 Phily Cream Cheese @ 0.99 - (4)$1Q - $5 CAT = FREE ($4.05 overage)
4 Spaghettio's @ $0.49 - (2)$0.50/2Q (doubled to $1) = FREE ($0.04 overage)
(4) 1/2 gallons milk @ 4/$5 = $5
1 doz eggs @ $0.88
Athena melon @ $1.50
bunch bananas @ 1.08

Total before coupons & CATs = $137.33
Total OOP actually spent = $19.13

87% savings - or I PAID 13% of the marked shelf price for any given item.

I used the sale price, not the "kroger price" to figure all this so my receipt actually shows a higher % savings since they also factor in what I saved by using my Kroger card.

Also, I did this in 6 separate transactions (b/c of the $5 Kraft CAT) over 2 different trips. Still only took about 30-40 min. per trip. Just didn't want you picturing me walking up to the register with all that at once. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CVS 07/25-31

There are a couple nice freebies at CVS this week. Hopefully you are at the point where you are just paying for tax and using old ECBs to pay for new items that produce new ECBs. That is usually my goal at CVS.

Anyway, this week you can get:

Any Kotex U product - 4.99
4.99 ECB (limit 1)
use $1/1 coupon to make $1 overage after coupon and ECB

BioTrue multipurpose solution 2 oz - 2.99
2.99 ECB (limit 2)
use $2/1 coupon for $2 overage after Q and ECB

Pampers boxed diapers $21.99
$10 ECB (limit 2, not 1 like the add says)
$2 Q from RP insert 06/20 or
$3 Q from vocalpoint mailer
use the coupon database to help find another location if you want.

Neutrogena sun care products - prices vary
$10 ECB when you buy 2
use $2/1 coupon
The best deal I found at the Eureka CVS was the 30 spf Sunblock sticks priced at $7.99
Buy 2, use 2 coupons and the final price is only 0.99 each after Q and ECB. I think that's a great price for these sunblock sticks.

** don't forget that CVS offers rain checks if they are out of an item you want. I have never tried it on an item that produces ECBs, but I have heard that the ECB will still print when a raincheck is used. You could always ask the cashier to make sure. I say all this b/c I was at CVS Monday and they only had 2 boxes of diapers left (and no, i did not buy them). :) And there was only one sunblock stick left (didn't buy it either). I will try again Wed. and get my raincheck if they still only have 1.

** Make sure to check the bottom of your receipt too as I got a coupon for one FREE gallon of milk. Apparently they were keeping track of how many gallons you bought and if you bought 4 or 5 you qualify for a free gallon. woo-hoo! the only bummer was that I let MaryBeth carry it to the van and she dropped it -- turns out plastic jugs do break. Oh well. Good thing it was free, right? :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Kroger Deals This Week

For the next 3 days you can get some FANTASTIC deals at Kroger -- these end Wed. night.

Part of the Mega 10 Event:

Dan-o-nino yogurt - $1.79
use $1/1 coupon
you will also receive a $1 CAT if you buy 2, $1.50 if you buy 3, or $2 if you buy 4
final price = 0.29/each

Kraft Naturals cheese - $1.88
there is a "blinkie" machine with $1/2 coupons
you get the $5 CAT when you buy 5 of any listed Kraft products
final price = 0.38 for CHEESE

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese (includes tubs of soft cream cheese) - $0.99
use $1/1 coupon I told you about last week
$5 CAT wyb 5 participating products
final price = FREE

I'm not going to re-type them, but don't forget about the free tombstone pizzas and spaghettio's.

I stocked up on all these items and stuck the yogurt in the freezer for the girls' lunches this fall. Stick a frozen yogurt in a lunch box and they have a great treat in their lunches.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IGA 3-day sale

Remember the warnings I gave last time there was a "3-day sale". NOT all the deals are good ones!!

milk 2/$4 - that is a good price, but CVS is better this week so I got mine there. If you do not play the CVS game then grab your milk this weekend at IGA.

peaches - 0.79/lb This is the best price i have seen all summer (I am shocked too). If these look good, grab them!

Lay's chips - $1.78 - a good price, especially if you saved some of the $1/2 coupons from the last big sale (I have a few if you need them) :)

Chip's Ahoy - $1.88 - sounds like a good price. ?? I never buy cookies in a bag so am not sure.

boneless skinless chicken breast - 2.5 lbs for $4.69. Anything under $2/lb I consider a good price. The only thing to consider here is that these frozen breasts do cook up smaller than other ones due to extra water added. I prefer to buy mine fresh and freeze myself, but this is a good price if you like to have them around.

P.F. ice cream - a decent price I guess. I prefer under $2 so will not buy any.

buns - not a good price. should be under $1.

Mt. Olive pickly stuff - 0.99. Sounds like a good deal to me, but then again I hate pickles & relish so never buy it. :)

Cottonelle - barely a decent price, but I got Charmin for cheaper a few months ago.

There you have it. Sorry no comment on the deli ham, but we never buy deli meat and i have NO IDEA what a good price is.

CVS 07/18-24

There is not much going on at CVS this week (only my opinion) but I wanted to send this as a reminder that the Dean's Milk ECB deal is still going on!

1 gal Dean's milk - $2.69 - $1 ECB

There is one other deal that would be worth it especially if you have some ECBs from previous weeks:
4-pk Celcius Green Tea $7.99 (seriously, who would buy this??) - $7.99 ECB PLUS there is a $2 coupon available HERE, so ends up being a $2 money-maker.

This coupon is in PDF form so you can print quite a few, but CVS has a limit of 1. Also, it is an ink-hog so I printed the "in view" part getting only the coupon and one small row of store names.

Monday, July 19, 2010

$1/1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Coupon

Yes, this is for real. I just found a $1/1 coupon for philadelphia cream cheese. Read the below post and you can get PAID for buying cream cheese at Kroger this week and next.

I printed this Q a long time ago so i don't think a link from my computer would work for you, but at the top of my blog is a link to a "coupon database". Click on that and in the search box type in cream cheese. It will take you to a link for the coupon that will work.

please ask if you have trouble with this or need a "tutorial".
There is a new $0.50/2 Campbells SpaghettiO's coupon that will get you 2 free cans at Kroger during the Mega 10 Event going on.

I read on southernsavers that the Mega 10 Event will continue on next week so no huge rush to get there. Most of the prices will be good through the 28th.

ALSO, as long as we're getting free stuff at Kroger, starting today there is a new Kraft Catalina going on where you get a coupon for $5 off your next order when you buy 5 participating Kraft products. Kraft cream cheese is on sale for $0.99 as part of the mega event. So buy 5 for $5 and get a $5 CAT off your next order. :)

Free grocery Deal idea:
5 cream cheese
1 Tombstone pizza
4 Campbell's spaghettio's

you will pay $5 + tax and get the $5 CAT.
Then use your CAT to buy milk, eggs, cheese, fruit whatever your family needs.

Kraft natural cheese is part of the $5 CAT deal too, and is on the mega event for $1.88. Especially if you can round up a coupon or 2 that's a GREAT price for cheese! My strike price for shred. cheese is usually $1 so even w/0 a coupon it is time to buy and stick in the freezer for later.

Jewel Fruit coupon

There is a new electronic coupon program starting at Jewel. Not much is known about it yet, but the sign-up coupon is a good one! After you fill in your name, e-mail, etc... there is a box for a promo code (or similar). just enter PRODUCE when you Sign up HERE to get a $2 coupon off any produce purchase of $2 or more.

couponingfor4 found this one and said she used it on blueberries to get a pint for only 0.57.

she also said it is in pdf form and can be printed multiple times. only one coupon per transaction, but usually when i go to jewel i make about 5 transactions anyway, so i could use one each time! looks like the expiration date on mine is 07/26/10 so i have a week to use it.

No Facebook account?

This post is for Jill Rocke :0) - and anyone else who does not currently have a Facebook account.

There have been a lot of freebies and coupons offered on Facebook lately, and you have to have an act. to access these offers. A post was written by "for the mommas" on how to set up a secure, discrete Facebook account if you want in on these w/o compromising your identity.

This excerpt was taken directly from her post:

I wish I could say that Facebook coupons are going to decline, but in fact I think they will increase! So while we cannot avoid the ever growing popularity of Facebook, I can show you some quick tips to keep your information private. You do not have to join Facebook, but if you don’t, there are many promotions you will miss out on. (it is perfectly fine to miss them too if you are not comfortable!)

Companies love the ease of collection and mass marketing capabilities of Facebook. So you may want to consider a Facebook page and use the controls built in to secure your information.

1. Create an account with the minimum allowable information. If your name is Melissa A. Jones, set the account up as M.A. Jones. You do not have to put a profile picture up either. Now, you will have to give the company your mailing address for samples, but this is no different from any other free sample offer. Some people create Facebook pages for their pets. ( I am not suggesting it, just saying)

2. Remove yourself from Facebook search results - If you don’t want old croonies from high school looking you up, then simply make it impossible for them to see you.

■Go to account and then privacy settings page in upper right hand corner.
■Click on view settings under the Basic Directory Information.
■Change your settings to be friends or custom only me, depending on what is allowed. (Note: If you have no friends, no one can find you)

I do have a Facebook account, but if you look on there you will see a lot of:
Laura "likes" Kraft
Laura is a fan of Nabisco
Laura gave a "thumbs up" to Tombstone

all for the sake of a high value coupon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Krogers Sales 07/15-21

There are some GREAT deals at Kroger this week.

I was wrong about the Tombstone price - after Facebook coupon it is FREE (not 0.50 like I posted earlier) as long as you purchase them with a combination of 10 products from the Mega-10 Event starting today.

SO, at Kroger today I found these great deals:

Blueberries - $3.88 for 2 lbs (I just paid $2.20/lb 3 days ago)

Whole carrots - $0.79/lb

Peaches - 0.99 (not as good as 0.88, but still a great price)

Crayola crayons (24 ct) - $0.25

Now on to the Mega-10 Event prices. You get $5 off your order when you purchase any 10 participating items (mix & match). The price I write is the price AFTER the 0.50/item discount.
There are a LOT of good deals this week so I will only post the ones I either bought or that really stuck out:

Gatorade - 0.49 (I bought 30 - should be enough to get us through any flu season)

Dannon multi-pack yogurts - $1.65/each
I bought the Dan-o-nino yogurt using this $1/1 coupon AND when I bought 2, a Catalina printed out at the register for $1 off my next order (basically paid 0.15 each). AMAZING price for yogurt (duh).

Tombstone pizza - see previous post for coupon info - FREE after coupon & sale

Green Giant Steamers vegetables - $1.49
use 0.50 coupon (doubled) makes then $0.49

Spaghetti O's - $0.49

Maxwell House Coffee (the LARGE cans) - $4.88 (reduced from $7-$10)
Check the top of these cans for a booklet with $10 in savings - there is a $1 coupon for the coffee making a GREAT price for MH coffee. (nathan thinks he likes Folgers, but I'm going to convert him next week). :) shhhhhh.

Starbucks ice cream pints - $1.98
Also in the $10 savings booklet on the MH coffee there is a $1/1 Q for Starbucks ice cream

Quaker Life cereal or Cap'n Crunch (21-22 ozs) - $2.19
I used a $0.50 coupon from the 05/16 paper insert (Red Plum) making it $1.19

Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups - $0.50
B2G1 coupon HERE after you play a game - makes them about $0.33/each

If any of my coupon links do not work, try going to - that is where I got all the coupon links and they worked for me from there.

Hope you find some good deals this week!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

$2/1 Tombstone Pizza coupon

There is a Facebook Coupon good for $2 of 1 Tombstone pizza available right now. I printed mine now and will save it until Thursday (or later) when Tombstones go on sale at Kroger for $2.50 as part of a mega sale event that will start on 07/15.

This will sure make for some inexpensive quick meals! My target price for frozen pizza is $2 or less, and we prefer Tombstone to Jacks anyway :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Purex 3 in 1 Sample

GO HERE to sign up for a free sample of Purex 3 in 1. I have received a sample of this before and LOVED it. I would probably not buy it because it is pretty expensive, but I'll take all the samples they'll give out :)

I used each sheet one time in the washing machine, but was able to keep it in the dryer for quite a while as it really retained a nice scent!

Kellogg's at Jewel

If you need more cereal or Poptarts, head over to Jewel this week. They are running a sale where if you buy 8 Kellogg's cereals, crackers or Poptarts they are only $1.50 each.

at Kellogg' they have some good coupons on cereal & poptarts making them $.50 to $1 each after the sale and coupon.

We just had our poptarts stash replenished from Girls' Camp, otherwise I'd be sure to do this one! I still might head to Jewel while in Bmg tonight to grab some cereal & widen the poptart selection -- we'll see!

Programs to Try

OK. I have mentioned before that samples are a GREAT way to get high value coupons (as well as a free product!) so I wanted to share my two favorite programs that regularly send out samples and coupons.

1. VOCALPOINT - it is a members-only program that you "apply" for and it also does require some amount of participation. Not much or I wouldn't do it though. I value my time too much to spend hours doing surveys and chat-boards. The best thing about Vocalpoint is that they usually send out full-size samples and then a coupon for a free product and quite a few other coupons for the same product (to give to friends or keep yourself!). I think they are operated by P&G (not sure though). After I receive a product and use it I jump on and post a quick review if I liked it or not -- or sometimes I wait until I've received 3-4 products and review them all at once to save time. They will send you reminders to participate too if you haven't yet (i just got one today) :) I really do like the samples and coupons though. So SIGN UP HERE if you want.

2. Kraft First Taste - Another high quality samples/coupon program. Obviously run by Kraft. They send out a TON of samples or freebie coupons - at least they have this summer. I would highly recommend this one too - and if it requires participation it is so minimal I can't even remember it. I have definitely found it to be worth having. Go to Kraft First Taste to sign up for this one.

I am sure there are other taste-testing programs out there, but these are the best ones I have come across. I didn't share them sooner because I wanted to make sure they actually sent the products/coupons etc... Some companies say they will, but never do. These have both been great. Hope you find something you like!

Grocery Overload

Hey there. Just wanted to let you know why my posts have dwindled the past couple weeks. I usually post the coupons I print or the deals I think are worth buying. Well, since being in the kitchen @ the A.C. High School Girls' Camp at the end of June I have done almost no grocery shopping. True. We wind up in Grocery Overload after camp and lay low for a while.

Even though I am not grocery shopping - you probably still are. Make sure you check out or -- those two blogs are where I get 90% of my information . They are so "huge" they can be overwhelming, which is why I wanted to start my own blog to help out new couponers, but they really have some great information on their sites.

Neither of them blog about the IGA so I will keep plugging away here in central Illinois to help us find good deals there. I will also stay more current with good coupons worth printing.

In the meantime, don't forget to go to CVS and get your Free SoBe Lifewater (using BOGO coupon with BOGO sale) -- sale ends Saturday! I got 36 bottles this week for the price of tax.

$1/1 Rayovac Batteries

Using this coupon for $1/1 Rayovac batteries, you could get free batteries at either Target or Walmart.

At target, look in the dollar section near the door.

At WalMart, they are in the check-out aisles or in the battery center.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on IGA & CVS deals for this week

Sorry it is so late in the week, but I did my shopping today and thought I would update/add a few things.

AT THE IGA (in Eureka)
I did not buy a watermelon -- too small for the price in my opinion.

I heard first-hand that the sweet corn they have is really good this week.

There IS a tear-pad of $1/2 coupons for the Lay's Chips making them only $1.38/bag. I found the tear-pad on the end of a row near the meat display with a ton of bags of chips there too.

Eggs are only $0.92/dozen for Grade A large (anything $1 or less is a good price - they are $1 at Kroger this week)

They have their Deans Milk for $2.69, which is a good price for milk, but you also get $1 ECB for the first 2 gallons you buy making it $1.69!! You can't beat that!!

They have a photo/movie DVD for $9.99 with a $9.99 ECB. I asked the guy how it works and he said you can use still pictures or even home movies, just bring in a flashstick or CD and they will turn it into a DVD for you. I thought my kids would love to have a bunch of picts on a DVD that they can watch as a slide-show in the van when we travel. Hopefully I will get back to Eureka by Saturday! I still have a $10 ECB from the P&G deal a month ago that expires on 07/05 so this would be a great way to extend the exp. date on that $10 and get a DVD for free.

24-packs of water are on sale for $1.98 (going off my memory here, so sorry if i'm wrong). Anything $2 or under is a really good bottled water price (I even pay $2.50 sometimes).