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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orville Redenbacher popcorn -- Jewel deal

A few of you have heard me say I got O.R. Popcorn boxes for 0.07/each lately. Well HERE'S YOUR CHANCE. Starting 06/09 Jewel has another ConAgra Catalina deal going on where if you spend $25 you get a $10 CAT back (used on your next order).

Buy 7 boxes of O.R. popcorn ($3.59 shelf price/on sale for $1.89) total = 13.23 (but total shelf = 25.13 so you qualify).
Use as many coupons as you can find (sunday's smart source insert & try my coupon database link)
Total OOP will be around $10, but you will get a $10 CAT for your next purchase.

So once you have made your initial $10 investment, go and do it again, and again and again using your $10 CAT to pay for your next order. Each time you will pay about 0.07 for taxes.

You can also try Wesson Oil included in this deal. Buy 5 bottles. Total = 12.50. Pay with CAT from popcorn &2.50 OOP and get another $10 CAT.

When you're all done buying ConAgra stuff, either save that CAT for your next trip or turn right around and go buy bread, milk, eggs, cheese, fresh fruit or WHATEVER with your last $10 CAT. I usually spend mine right away because it may expire before I get back to Jewel again -- it's just too far away for this girl to go very often. Then when you get in your car you will see BAGS of popcorn, cooking oil and other useful groceries all for $10 (plus a little change here & there).

I got this information from Southernsavers so if you are confused as to how the Jewel CAT deal works, feel free to go to her site and read up on all the details.

If you do go to Jewel, it might also be worth your time to hunt down a few Dannon Danimals coupons as you can get some free yogurt now too. It is Dairy Month and Jewel has a promo to buy 5, get $5 CAT. Danimals is on sale for 5/$10 with $1/1 coupons available making them free after $5 CAT.

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