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Monday, June 7, 2010

IGA June 6-12

As most of you know, the IGA is not my favorite place to shop, but 1) it is MUCH more convenient than most other stores 2) They do run some good sales sometimes & have store Q's that can be combined with Manu. Q's and 3) the whole "try to support the local guy" thing.

So, here are the best deals I can come up with for the IGA this week:

Prarie Farms Milk - 1.29 for 1/2 gallon (only 0.04 more than Kroger!)

Prarie Farms Yogurt 3/0.99 (I prefer 0.25 per serving, but not too bad)

Tide 2X laundry det. 50 oz - There is an in-ad IGA coupon for this at 2/$10. I have a $1/1 manufacture coupon that I got in a sample a while back which would make it a decent deal. Target has the 150 oz Tide on sale for $16.00 this week (WYB 2) so IGA's $5 price beats that ounce for ounce, but I am still not convinced. If you LOVE Tide I guess I would get it, but if you're okay with Purex for $2.99 instead I'd wait for that sale. I struggle with good prices for detergent. If only CVS would start putting that on free ECB sales! :) enough with the deodorant! we want laundry detergent!!

Green peppers 2/$1. I prefer 3/$1, but it sure beats the price they've been!

I hate to say it, but that's all I saw for this week.

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