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Monday, June 7, 2010

IGA 3-day sale June 10-12

3-day sale. They are TRYING to make you think all the prices here will be so good they can only offer them for 3 days. Don't be fooled!

Good priced items:
Seedless Watermelon - 2.99
California Cherries - 2.99/lb
peaches 0.99/lb

Decent prices:
Pineapple - 2.99
red grapes - 1.29/lb (0.99 at Jewel this week)
sweet corn - 4/$1 (they were 6/$1 at Kroger last week)
vidalia onions 0.999/lb

the rest of the things were either too highly priced or I just don't know what they should sell for. I never buy garden fresh green beans because I have my own. Tomatoes at 1.69 just seem high as do the nectarines and honey dew melon. The Athena melon i could be talked in to, but usually buy them at $1-1.50.

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