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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CVS - Free ice cream!

The CVS in Eureka does not carry this brand of ice cream, but WalMart has them for $1.29 so they are still pretty cheap after the coupon there.

I said I would let you know if anything else "popped up" for CVS this week.

Well, there are two new coupons for $1 off ANY Skinny Cow ice cream, and CVS has the little cups on sale for $1 this week making them FREE. :) These would be great to add in with your deodorant purchase, especially to help get you to a $25 threshold to be able to use a $5/25 or $4/20 purchase coupon or something.

Skinny Cow's website has the first $1 coupon

Skinny Cow's Facebook page has the second coupon offer, so you can get 4 coupons per computer. First you have to "Like" Skinny Cow, then go to the "fan exclusives" tab to get your coupon.

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