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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on IGA & CVS deals for this week

Sorry it is so late in the week, but I did my shopping today and thought I would update/add a few things.

AT THE IGA (in Eureka)
I did not buy a watermelon -- too small for the price in my opinion.

I heard first-hand that the sweet corn they have is really good this week.

There IS a tear-pad of $1/2 coupons for the Lay's Chips making them only $1.38/bag. I found the tear-pad on the end of a row near the meat display with a ton of bags of chips there too.

Eggs are only $0.92/dozen for Grade A large (anything $1 or less is a good price - they are $1 at Kroger this week)

They have their Deans Milk for $2.69, which is a good price for milk, but you also get $1 ECB for the first 2 gallons you buy making it $1.69!! You can't beat that!!

They have a photo/movie DVD for $9.99 with a $9.99 ECB. I asked the guy how it works and he said you can use still pictures or even home movies, just bring in a flashstick or CD and they will turn it into a DVD for you. I thought my kids would love to have a bunch of picts on a DVD that they can watch as a slide-show in the van when we travel. Hopefully I will get back to Eureka by Saturday! I still have a $10 ECB from the P&G deal a month ago that expires on 07/05 so this would be a great way to extend the exp. date on that $10 and get a DVD for free.

24-packs of water are on sale for $1.98 (going off my memory here, so sorry if i'm wrong). Anything $2 or under is a really good bottled water price (I even pay $2.50 sometimes).

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