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Friday, July 9, 2010

Programs to Try

OK. I have mentioned before that samples are a GREAT way to get high value coupons (as well as a free product!) so I wanted to share my two favorite programs that regularly send out samples and coupons.

1. VOCALPOINT - it is a members-only program that you "apply" for and it also does require some amount of participation. Not much or I wouldn't do it though. I value my time too much to spend hours doing surveys and chat-boards. The best thing about Vocalpoint is that they usually send out full-size samples and then a coupon for a free product and quite a few other coupons for the same product (to give to friends or keep yourself!). I think they are operated by P&G (not sure though). After I receive a product and use it I jump on and post a quick review if I liked it or not -- or sometimes I wait until I've received 3-4 products and review them all at once to save time. They will send you reminders to participate too if you haven't yet (i just got one today) :) I really do like the samples and coupons though. So SIGN UP HERE if you want.

2. Kraft First Taste - Another high quality samples/coupon program. Obviously run by Kraft. They send out a TON of samples or freebie coupons - at least they have this summer. I would highly recommend this one too - and if it requires participation it is so minimal I can't even remember it. I have definitely found it to be worth having. Go to Kraft First Taste to sign up for this one.

I am sure there are other taste-testing programs out there, but these are the best ones I have come across. I didn't share them sooner because I wanted to make sure they actually sent the products/coupons etc... Some companies say they will, but never do. These have both been great. Hope you find something you like!

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