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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazing Amazon Diaper Deal

OK - you have my apologies here. I found this deal on Monday, but thought it was a one-day deal so did not post it. Turns out it ran all week and today is ACTUALLY the last day. OOPS. But after they found a few extra savings, the deal ended up being good enough I wanted to post it anyway.

Here's the breakdown: '
FIRST sign in to your amazon account, or create one
Go to Amazon's coupon page - refresh the page 2-3 times until a $2 pampers coupon shows up.
Order whatever size diaper you need (i chose size 1-2 for my example below)
Enter 20% off coupon codes from Parenting magazine AND Parenting - early years
Choose the Subscribe & Save option to get 30% off
Go to checkout and you should see your $2 discount, 30% off, 20% off and another 20% off if you had all the coupons. AND through subscribe & save your shipping is FREE too.
Place your order and once it arrives (or even after you get your confirmation e-mail that your order shipped) remember to go in to your Amazon account and cancel your Subscribe & Save subscription if you do not want the shipments to continue every month. Once the item ships, the price you paid is locked in so you can cancel any time after that.

Women are reporting purchasing their diapers for as little as 0.05-0.07 EACH. That is really a great price for diapers. Even if you only had one of the Parenting 20% off coupons it would still be worth looking in to.

252 count box 1-2 size diaper
Original price was 40.49 (16 cents/diaper)
30% off from S&S + $2 coupon = 10.5 cents/diaper
20% parenting code = 7 cents per diaper
2nd parenting code = 4-5 cents per diaper
approx $10.24 for 252 diapers shipped right to your door. can't hardly beat that!

p.s. - these 20% off codes in Parenting magazines are in the AUGUST addition and are an orange card that you tear out. If you go to the library or another public place, be sure to tear out the card because they are a one-time use code and it would be a bummer for another mom to think she got a valid code only to get home and it didn't work. And do not worry, it is PERFECTLY acceptable to tear out the card from the library or doctor's office or something. They are for public use.

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