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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IGA 3-day sale

Remember the warnings I gave last time there was a "3-day sale". NOT all the deals are good ones!!

milk 2/$4 - that is a good price, but CVS is better this week so I got mine there. If you do not play the CVS game then grab your milk this weekend at IGA.

peaches - 0.79/lb This is the best price i have seen all summer (I am shocked too). If these look good, grab them!

Lay's chips - $1.78 - a good price, especially if you saved some of the $1/2 coupons from the last big sale (I have a few if you need them) :)

Chip's Ahoy - $1.88 - sounds like a good price. ?? I never buy cookies in a bag so am not sure.

boneless skinless chicken breast - 2.5 lbs for $4.69. Anything under $2/lb I consider a good price. The only thing to consider here is that these frozen breasts do cook up smaller than other ones due to extra water added. I prefer to buy mine fresh and freeze myself, but this is a good price if you like to have them around.

P.F. ice cream - a decent price I guess. I prefer under $2 so will not buy any.

buns - not a good price. should be under $1.

Mt. Olive pickly stuff - 0.99. Sounds like a good deal to me, but then again I hate pickles & relish so never buy it. :)

Cottonelle - barely a decent price, but I got Charmin for cheaper a few months ago.

There you have it. Sorry no comment on the deli ham, but we never buy deli meat and i have NO IDEA what a good price is.

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