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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deals This Week (or the lack there-of)

Well, I just checked the Jewel ad and the Kroger ad that both start tomorrow and I did not see anything worth driving there for -- in either store. Sure they both have a few decent deals, but unless a scenario arises that I don't forsee I will not be doing any grocery shopping this coming week.

The IGA has a few sales this week that aren't too bad:
IGA cream of soups are 2/$1. That is a really good price for cream of soups (better than Dollar General even) -- I got mine last week at Kroger & Walgreens for free or 0.30 so didn't buy any at IGA.
They also have a 3-day pumpkin sale this weekend. I am a sucker for pumpkin donuts, but won't promise it's a great deal (they're good though) :)

Also, I believe there is a shortage on pumpkins again this year which would make it worth while to hunt down a field pumpkin or two, cook & puree them yourself to make sure you have enough pumpkin to get through the holiday baking! Just a thought . . . . .

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