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Saturday, September 11, 2010

IGA 09/12-18

As usual, not many great prices at IGA this week, but there are a couple worth mentioning:
pork chops $1.39/lb
Azteca tortilla shells 2/$3 (not a great price, but beats driving 20 miles to save 0.20 - & i need some tortilla shells!)
Brooks chili beans - 0.99 (you can get chili beans cheaper than this, but not this brand)
IGA canned fruit - 0.99

now this is kind of an odd thing for me to put on here, but Friskies Party Mix (cat food) is on sale 4/$5 and there is a $1/1 coupon HERE making these only 0.25.

Then there is a 3-day sale from thursday (16th) to saturday (18th):
milk @ $2 is a great price
Purex - $1.99 (there was a Q in the newspaper recently too -- sorry I can't remember which week)
P.F. Ice Cream 1/2 gal - $1.99 (use 0.50 Q from tearpad in the store)
iceburg lettuce 0.88/head
Westpac vegetables - 0.69 (14-16 ozs) - my STOCK-UP price is usually 0.50 for 16 ounces, but this is so close I will buy some in case they don't hit 0.50 this year - especially peas, mixed veggies & a few others I don't grow in my garden.

The other items are either a bit pricey for a "3-day sale" or are items I do not buy at grocery stores.

we got a couple bushels of apples today and are getting a couple more tomorrow so I might not post much next week -- i think i'll be up to my eyeballs in apples/sauce/cider !! not a bad place to be though :0)

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