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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Jewel Trip (labor day)

I didn't think the free cheese was enough to warrant a trip to Bloomington, but then over the weekend I heard I could get free hot dots too so we packed up the kids & went to Jewel yesterday to see what we could get.

Nathan took the kids to Abbie's apartment then a park so I could go alone. Here is what I got:
This took 9 separate transactions (i know, it's a lot -- but w/o the kids & a great cashier it really went pretty fast).
  1. 5 pks of 8 oz Kraft cheese $2/4 - used one $5/5 coupon. PAID $5.10 and got a $5 CAT back.
  2. 5 pks of cheese - $5/5 Q - gave $5 CAT from #1. PAID $0.10 OOP and got a new $5 CAT
  3. 5 pks Oscar Mayer hot dogs - used five $1/1 Qs - gave $5 CAT from #2. PAID $0.10 OOP & got a new $5 CAT
  4. 5 pks of cheese - $5/5 Q - gave $5 CAT from #3 - PAID $0.10 & got new $5 CAT.
  5. 5 pks OM hot dogs - five $1 Q's - gave $5 CAT from #4 - PAID $0.10 & got new $5 CAT
  6. 5 pks cheese - $5/5 Q - $5 CAT from #5 - PAID 0.10 and got new $5 CAT.
  7. 5 hot dogs - same as the others.
  8. 2 shredded cheese & 3 Kraft singles (2/$5) - gave $5 CAT from #7 - PAID 1.62 OOP and got a new #5 CAT.
  9. bought milk, bananas, bread, smoked sausages & sour cream. Stuff we needed. Gave last $5 CAT - PAID $3.24 OOP and was DONE.

TOTAL OOP for the trip was $9.04 and I got 25 8-oz pks of Kraft cheese, 15 pks of O.M. hot dogs, and the other groceries.

Now there were 2 times during this "check-out" that someone came up behind me so I let them go through between transactions. Just some stock-up shopping courtesy. For the hot dog coupons, go to and use zip code 33313, (use 33313 again) and also go to Oscar Mayer's website - meaning you can print SIX per computer making this trip possible for us. also has $1/2 coupons which would still make for a great deal. On my computer the $1/2 Q was on the first page and the $1/1 Q was on the third page - so don't give up right away.

ALSO, this morning I read that Jewel has Ice Mountain Aquapods (8-pk) ringing up for $1 each (double check that if you do this). There is also a CAT running if you buy 3 Aquapods you get a $3 CAT back - FREE AGAIN. You can combine the water deal with either the cheese or the hot dogs, but you cannot combine the hot dogs & cheese b/c both those CATs are from Kraft. Make sense?? If you happen to get a newspaper, there was an Aquapod Q in the 08/29 red plum insert for $1.50 off 2 which would even turn you a profit after the CAT. Just a thought :0) Happy shopping!!

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