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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Cool Whip @ Jewel too

I forgot to post this with the other Jewel freebies, but you can get 5 (or more!) containers of Kraft Cool Whip for free at Jewel right now with NO COUPONS NEEDED.

Cool Whip is on sale for 5/$5. It is also a Kraft CAT participant, so when you buy 5 you get the $5 CAT - making them free.

Just make sure you buy 5 at a time, do NOT buy it in the same transaction as the cheese or the hot dogs (they all produce the same Kraft CAT) and send me any recipes you have that involve cool whip :0) Actually, you can combine them -- just make sure the total is 5 items -- not five of each.

I splurged and bought some oreos so I can make Emily Sauder's yummy oreo ice cream dessert w/the Cool Whip and I will also make Jamie Dill's lemon-blueberry tapioca jello. I must be hungry -- is it supper time yet??

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