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Saturday, September 25, 2010

$1.50/3 Campbells Coupon

There are a few spots that have Campbells q's right now -- good ones too!

GO HERE for a selection of $1.50 off 3 cans (varieties different on each coupon)
OR HERE for a slightly different selection of $1.50/3 q's (these include cr of mush etc)

Then you can go to Kroger or Walgreen's for FREE or almost free (0.29/can) cans of Campbell's soups.

While you're at the first link, also print the q for $1 off any can of Camp. Select soup. It is on sale at Kroger this week for $1.25 making it only a quarter. (hit your browser back button 3 times to print it twice)
Kroger has their cream of soups for $1, so if you load e-coupons on and (more $1.50/3) AND use the printed coupon, you will get them completely free.
Or head over to Walgreens where they have an in-ad coupon @ 0.79 each, minus the coupon = 0.29 per can. Soups tend to be the cheapest in November, but with a sale this good I am going to stock up and buy mine now. The coupons I printed expire 11/09 so I don't want to risk wasting them if another sale doesn't pop up before then.

Sorry this post isn't very organized, but I'm getting ready to head out shopping myself so am posting the coupons while i find them. and i know i haven't written anything the past couple weeks, but again i only post when i find deals worth buying. so no posts from me means i am not doing any shopping myself (or only the milk, bread, eggs type stuff that probably isn't on sale anyway).

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