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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kroger & Jewel this week

Well, I checked out Jewel & Kroger's ads for this week (reminder: both of these stores run thurs-wed sales) & this is certainly a week that I am thankful for my stockpile because the sales are skimpy in my opinion.

I saw nothing worth driving to Bloomington for. In fact, we are going to Bmg on Tuesday and I do not plan to stop there. bummer.

They are running their standard 10/$10 sale this week -- their biggest sale type. Remember here too that you DO NOT have to buy 10 items, each one will ring up as $1 on its own.

Here are the $1 items that are a good or at least decent price:
~Kroger flour (i need some too!)
~Kroger bread (WAY better quality than IGA bread - I bought some at IGA in a pinch last week and have totally regretted it; it just falls apart)
~Kroger tortilla chips (we have been averaging about 3 bags a week due to amazing fresh salsa we've been plowing through - thanks for the lessons, Jill!!)
~Kroger toaster treats - these have the best flavor for generic pop-tarts in my opinion, so if your kids like pop-tarts and you're tired of paying the price, try these.
~Hunts snack packs (pudding or jello) - I did the math and at $1 it is cheaper to buy these than to buy a box of pudding mix and make it yourself w/milk. FYI.
~Kroger spaghetti sauce
~Goldfish crackers - bummer that there is no coupon to go along with this sale, those help.

Kroger's veg. oil is $1.99 - anything under $2 for veg oil is a fair price.
Gatorade G2 is $0.79 - when i was at eureka IGA last week they had some Gatorade G2 coupons - I didn't pick any up & forget the amt (probably 0.50/2), but it would have to make for a good deal with this sale if you got some.

I'm sure I missed a few good things, but at a glance this is all I saw. I will not be going this week since I did end up going last week to get in on the Fiber One bar deal. (seriously could not help myself -- pretty sure the van drove there on its own). ANYWAY, I spent $50 last week for about $250 of groceries including milk, bread, fruit, caprisun & pringles for lunches, tortilla chips, yogurt, strawberries for making jam and 20 boxes of Fiber 1 bars so this week I HAVE to stay home.

I will look at CVS's ad later and try to write about that too. I really do try to "shop eureka first", but they just need better sale prices! I would like to contact the store owner and see if I can help them write their ads. Anyone have a contact for that?? I would seriously love it if you do.

It was good to see you last night Ashley! Thanks for the reminder to get back in here :0) Enjoy your weekend.

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