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Sunday, August 15, 2010

CVS 08/15-21

Well, no Fiber 1 bars from Kroger for me yet. Still 2 more days though! :0)

I did get to stop by CVS on our way home from church today though and wanted to highlight a couple deals they have this week. I am a total ding-dong though and forgot to grab a paper ad while I was in there. So I apologize if I am missing a good deal.

Blink Tears eye drops - 7.99 - produce 7.99 ECB
use $1.50/1 Q available to MAKE $1.50 (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "download coupon")

SoBe Lifewater is BOGO - AGAIN
Use BOGO coupons from the SoBe online game to get both FREE.

I am also going to give you my shopping scenario so you can see an "example" again:

Remember when I said I was going to get rainchecks from the Neutrogena Suncare ECB deal? Well I finally had a scanario where it really made sense to use it. Here is what I bought today:

2 Neutrogena sunblock sticks (7.99 each) - $10 ECB when buying 2 rain check
used coupon for $3 off each that was available when the sale was on.
1 gallon of milk (2.79) - $1 ECB (not advertised, but still going on this week!!)
6 SoBe Lifewaters (1.69) - BOGO
used 3 BOGO coupons from SoBe game
Blinki Tear eye drops (7.99) - 7.99 ECB
used 1.50 coupon above

My total before coupons was roughly $31.00
I got a coupon via e-mail from CVS for $5/30 (expired today - thus the quick trip)
Used $5/30 Q
two $3 Neutrogena Qs
3 Sobe BOGO Q's
1.50 Blink eye drop Q

Total after Qs was about $15.50
I had $13.00 in ECBs from previous purchases the last few weeks that I handed over

New total = $2.50
So I paid the $2.50 out of pocket but I got back $19.00 in new ECBs to use over the next month!

The milk itself was worth the $2.50 OOP plus I got to exchange $13 in ECB for $19 ECB. And I am really excited to try the sunblock sticks - my sister loves them for her kiddos.

Sorry if this post was too long or too wordy. I just like you to have real scanarios if you want them. Remember too that buildling the ECBs doesn't happen overnight. It has taken me about 6 months to get this far, but now, by watching sale ads closely, it is paying off.

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