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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Slow Days . . . .

Sorry for yet another week of no posts, but it's been a S-L-O-W week at the grocery stores. I know the IGA has had their coupon books the last 3 weeks, and have had some decent prices, but I think I have only used one coupon so far & didn't make any special trips.

Next week I will probably use the smoked sausage coupon b/c there is a manu. coupon that I can stack with it making the deal even better (from the paper a few weeks ago).

Not even CVS has been able to lure me in (except to buy milk one evening). This coming week at CVS has nothing special again -- one lady whose blog I follow for CVS even says it is a "dry and dull ad" this week. I agree.

Kroger is having another Mega Event right now. It is for frozen food and I am sure there are some good deals, but I have stocked up so much at Jewel the past month that we really don't need anything at all right now (except the basic parishables).

Jewel is even having a down week. ConAgra is doing an instant $2 savings WYB 10 items at $10/10 -- making them 10/$8, but that still means you are paying 0.80 per item (stuff like pudding packs, micro popcorn, manwich & soup).

Well I am officially exhausted so will sign off. Just wanted you to know I was still out there and will SURELY let you know when another great sale strikes, but until then it will probably be slow-going over here. Enjoy your Sunday :0)

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