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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jewel-Osco 10/14-20

I know Bloomington is a long way away (about $8 in gas for us) but some sales are just worth it. Last week I went to Jewel twice to get in on the ConAgra CAT deal (i did get a ride one time). And last night Nathan & I packed up ALL 4 KIDS to head over there again -- this time for a General Mills CAT deal. We spent $11.20 saving 96% of our grocery bill.

This deal is very similar to the ConAgra one -- spend $25 (shelf price) get $10 CAT
Here are the scenarios I did last night:

7 Pillsbury Sweet Moments $17.50/$26.25
Use $1.50/1 coupons HERE to make this a moneymaker
Pay $7.50, get $10 CAT
Use $1 from, or 9/12 GM insert
Pay $10.50, Get $10 CAT

I went to the library and printed as many $1.50 as I could from their computers, and printed from home so I was able to add in a large can of pumpkin so that the store would not owe me money. At Jewel you have to at least pay tax.

4 yoplait splitz $8/$11.80
7 Green Giant Boxed veggies $7/$14
use .50 splitz q from 09/12 or 10/03 GM insert OR
use .75/2 coupons from
use 0.50 Green Giant veggie coupon (link below)

3 GM cereal (price spread varies - sale price is $2)
9 G.G. boxed veggies $9/$18
I had some $3/3 q's that i gathered over the summer, but there are 0.75/1 cheerio q's on and a lot of $1/3 q's there too.
Use 0.50 G.G. veggie q from - i told you about this q a while ago, but it is still available. scroll down the page to the bottom right side and click on the coupon link. This q makes this scenario a money-maker too so I added in bags of chocolate chips or spaghetti sauce so I could still pay with my CAT from the previous transaction.

7 yoplait splitz
2 fruit snacks
used q's from and from the GM inserts

Those are all the scenarios I did, but here are a few more I came up with:
If you are just after cereal, the Multigrain Cheerios had the highest shelf price so,
7 Multigrain Cheerios 14/27.65
7 - 0.75 q from AND
Pay $8.75 get $10 CAT
This would be a good one to use as your first transaction if you do not have a CAT left from the ConAGra deal -- lower your OOP. Or add an item to make $10 if using a CAT to pay for it.

Buy 13 participating Progresso Soup $13/$26
Use 3 $1/4 from 9/12 GM or 10/10 GM inserts
Pay $10, Get $10 CAT
Final Price: 13 Free! (or the price of tax)

Sorry for the length of this post, but I wanted you to have as many details as possible to help you get organized. Our trip only took us 1 hour and that was WITH all four kids!

If you are specifically after the yoplait splitz or the sweet moments, i would call Jewel to see when they re-stock b/c they were low when we were there and out of the splitz when we left. I went to the one on Veterans, there is another Jewel on 51 near ISU campus. Hope you find something good!! I love, love, love deals that are for HEALTHY stuff like veggies, yogurt, cereal and soup.
There were deals for totinos pizza and cake mixes on this CAT deal too, but I didn't buy any. CHeck out for even more scenarios if you want the other stuff. She is absolutely amazing with these things.

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  1. It's very sweet of you to say that. Thanks! :)