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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Jewel Trip

Today MaryBeth & I headed to Bloomington to hit Jewel, Kroger, Office Max & Target.

At Jewel I bought:
21 boxes of O.R. popcorn
5 boxes Swiss Miss hot cocoa
13 Hunts pudding/jello packs
4 Angel Soft 12 dbl roll T.P.
27 cans Healthy Choice soup
30 Healthy Choice complete freezer meals (for nathan when the kids & I head to FL - they have Asian flavor ones so he should be happy)
1 lg can Folgers Coffee

My total OOP spent was $32.74
Total $ saved was $318.00 (91% savings)

Some transactions I did but did not have on the list below are:
* 13 Hunts pudding/jello packs for around $2 OOP
* 6 Healthy Choice freezer meals and 1 hot cocoa (or any other product around a $2 shelf price) was between 0.64 - 1.72 OOP (there are coupons for $1/2 on healthy choice's website or there are $1/3 coupons at the store right on the freezer door - MaryBeth spotted those).
* 1 Angel Soft TP, 1 Folgers coffee & 3 cans of H.C. soup was around $3 OOP (considering the coffee itself is usually $8-10 that's a great deal)

The greatest part about this ConAgra deal is that most of them DO NOT REQUIRE coupons! I only had coupons for the T.P. and the healthy choice meals.
Hope you can get in on a good deal or two ~~

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