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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I went to Jewel this morning because they have a ConAgra catalina deal going on right now. Buy $25 of participating ConAgra products and get a $10 CAT back. The great part is the $25 is accumilated using the regular store price of an item, not the sale price!! Basically this means we get a WAY better deal and have to spend much less to get the CAT going. And it rolls -- which means you can use the $10 CAT to pay for your next order that will also produce a $10 CAT.

So, for $23.00 today I bought:
20 cans of Healthy Choice soup
14 boxes Orville Redenbacher popcorn
3 Capri Sun
9 boxes cereal
1 gallon of milk
4 Lawry's marinades
2 Oscar Mayer hot dogs
2 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal
3 12-ct poptarts
11 4-pk Hunts pudding packs
8 ozs cheese

and i have $13 in Catalinas to use next time I shop at Jewel. Not too bad!

The popcorn, soup & pudding were part of the ConAgra catalina deal. 7 boxes of the popcorn will produce a $10 CAT, but only cost you $10.13, so once you get this going will only have to pay $0.13 OOP (out of pocket).

The soup is on sale 10/$10, but the regular price was $2.79 (give or take) so if you buy 10 cans you will only pay $10 (+ tax) but still get a $10 CAT.

The hot dogs are on sale 2/$3 and produce a $1 CAT when you buy 2.

General Mills Cereal deal: buy 4 boxes and get a CAT for a free gallon of milk.

Kellogg's Cereal deal: Buy 4 boxes at 4/$10, get a $4 CAT.

Lawry's marinades deal: Buy 4 marinades, get a $3 CAT (and they are on sale for $1)

So oddly enough, I did most of my shopping today WITHOUT coupons!! I did have coupons for the oatmeal, poptarts (also part of the kellogg's CAT deal), all of the cereal and the Lawry's marinades (made them free) but the rest was free or close to it just by using the $10 CAT over and over again. Just ask Anna how many times we went in & out of Jewel this morning. :0)

In the next day or two I will also post links to online coupons so you can print them yourselves.

A few places to start are:

And my favorite money saving blogs are :

They (and a few others) are how I find all of these deals. I will share more about them later too. For now, I NEED TO GO MAKE SUPPER!!

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  1. You are absolutely amazing girl! FYI - I didn't sign up as a "follower" because I added your blog title to my blog list so every time I check my blog I will see if you have an update (this works better than "following" for me). Love ya!