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Friday, November 12, 2010

KROGER 11/11-17

Krogers has a decent Mega event this week too (same as last week)
I went yesterday and got quite a few groceries to re-stock after our flu. I LOVE being stocked with groceries for times like that -- we already had Gatorade, soup, jell-o & crackers on hand that I bought for rock-bottom prices.
Kroger this week has Gatorade for 0.49 after the Mega 10 discount.
Annie's mac & cheese (organic, and VERY good) - $0.49
Quaker oatmeal - $2.19 (i had the $2 Q left from a while back - so used those making it 0.19)
Quaker granola bars - $1.49 (great deal if you have any 0.50 q's to double! - I had one)
Jell-O (lg boxes) - 0.79 each

Not part of the mega event:
Bananas 0.39/lb
I stocked up on boxes of Chex for $1 - used a rain check I got 2 weeks ago + coupons.
Pillsbury sweet rolls are 2/$3 but you get $1 CAT when you buy 4. I had $1/2 coupons so they ended up being 0.50 each after coupons & CAT. We love to have these Sunday mornings for a special treat :0)

Jenno-O TURKEYS are 0.59/lb. I do not claim to be a turkey-pricing expert, but this seems like an excellent price to me. In fact, I bought 3 turkeys yesterday! We are hoping to have Nathan's cousins for a family Thanksgiving, one to make for my small family and then the third for a family retreat next summer (the turkeys don't "expire" until the end of next summer & I plan to be prepared!!)
Last year WalMart did have turkeys for ).50-60/lb but there were not very many and no substitutes. I recommend hitting up Kroger for yours as they even substituted another brand for me when I didn't see the size of Jennie-O turkey I wanted. I do love their customer service!

I think that's it for now! Hope your family stays well this holiday season!

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