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Monday, November 1, 2010

IGA 10/31-11/06

Here are a few deals at IGA this week (I am paying more attn to their ads now that I have my "beef coupon" -- looking for a sale to match).

$0.99 shredded or chunk cheese (my buy now price - except i still have a ton from the summer kraft sales)
$0.69 Bush's beans -- not as cheap as WalMart brand, but a good price for Bush's
$0.79 oyster crackers
$0.49 Banquet pot pies or fruit pies - 0.35/1 fruit pie q in a lot of SS inserts lately. Might be worth trying for $0.14!
3/$0.99 IGA chili seasoning pks
$1.99 IGA veg. oil (i usually buy if less than $2)

Then this weekend is another 3-day meat sale:
Really almost all of these are decent to good meat prices.
$1.88/lb ground beef - I was hoping for a smaller quantity sale to use my beef q's, but i'll have to check this out & see what the price breakdown is buying in bulk.
$1.99/lb boneless pork loin (I prefer closer to $1.69, but when you're out $1.99 is pretty good!)
Both steak prices are fair.
$2.49/lb slab bacon - that's a GREAT price for bacon, but I have been disappointed in the quality of this bacon in the past. Maybe it's through a different packer and will be better?

That's it for this week.
Happy sale hunting!

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