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Friday, November 12, 2010

IGA almost over

I have utterly failed you this week! My family had the puke-flu for about 8 days (one at a time we fell like dominoes -- except Anna & I) so I did NO shopping during that time & a LOT of laundry.

Well, if you checked IGA's add, obviously the front page is FULL OF GOOD DEALS this week! This is so rare for IGA I hope you all got in on the sales. I went Tuesday and they were already out of the powdered sugar and brown sugar. :( I'll check back tomorrow.

Anyway, basically all of the front page prices are really good -- and I would stock up (except the sugar -- I did buy one b/c it's a good price, but I prefer 0.99 for stocking up).

There are coupons for the $1/2 Nestle chocolate chips and $0.50/2 evaporated milk making them an even better price. If you do not have an IGA near you, remember WalMart matches any price (they are 2/$3)

Sorry there are only 2 days left on this one - i'm sure you all noticed the good prices, but may not have known about the coupons.

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