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Monday, November 1, 2010

Free Folgers Sample

If you know Nathan & I -- you know we love our coffee! I am kind of a coffee snob and much prefer flavored coffee, but Nathan likes plain old Folgers or Maxwell House.

Go to Folger's Facebook page to request your FREE SAMPLE of their Special Roast.

It is so fun getting freebies in the mail!! And they often come with high $$ coupons too.


  1. I stumbled across your homeade detergent recipe and thought I'd try it, but am not having any luck finding the Fels-Naptha bar. Where do you get yours?? Thanks!

  2. Erin,
    Sorry for the delay in reply here -- I thought you were my sister (also erin) at first :)
    The first time we made the detergent we ordered the fels-naptha online, but since then have purchased it at Kroger (a dillons affiliate i think) and at our local grocery store IGA. It is about $1 - $1.50 in the store. THe online price was similar, but we had to pay shipping too. I have heard that some WalMart stores also carry it -- might be worth a phone call to find out!! I am actually doing laundry right now and had just looked at my stack of ice cream bucketes full of detergent and thought again how much I love it. Hope it works for you!

  3. Thanks Laura! I have checked at several Walmart stores and one Kroger with no luck, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places? Is it by the detergent or bar soaps? Thanks for your help! I'm excited to try it!